We caught up with the Sligo Duo to talk about all things from how they met to their new EP. Brame & Hamo will be gracing the Nest Stage on Saturday of this years El Dorado and they're bringing with them the bangers!

Here's what they had to say...

Aside from both growing up in county Sligo, how did you first meet?

We first met through a music group on facebook. It was a private group where we shared tunes amongst a few of us. Tiarnan was selling CDJs, and we started talking about that, and then started going to gigs together.

Sligo hasn't always been a city known for its nightlife, yet you both clearly have an extensive knowledge of dance music. How did you find growing up there shaped your music taste?

At the time the best gigs were in the capital so we had to do a few hours travel to Dublin. It was a long journey so we would go maybe once a month. Sligo is known for its events now and in the past, but there were a few years where it fizzled out. With the access to cheap broadband it changed everything. You weren't required to just go to parties or recommendations in the record store to get your inspirations. Your search could go way more in depth without any limitations.

You're both incredibly talented producers! When producing do you draw influences from places outside of the music scene?

Thanks so much. It's hard to say, a lot of it is in the moment and what we feel sounds good. There are probably many subconscious influences we take from the world but when it comes to it we just go with the flow and put whatever down. The best stuff usually comes with little effort and is done in a few hours.

Speaking of, was Roy Keane an influence for you or just a legend to name a song after?

It was more a reference to the man himself. Most people know how he was on and off the pitch, so we thought it would be funny to name a disco club track after him, a wee bit of a juxtaposition. We thought it worked well. hah

You’re recently back from a tour in Australia, we want to know what’s the funniest experience you’ve ever had on tour?

They are probably from that Australia tour! Running away from the massive spiders in Perth’s botanical gardens. Having a laugh with our mate in Melbourne and watching a street busker play what he claims to be the first electric bottle midi controller. And a really bizarre situation in Sydney where us and the promoters met a couple in the street who asked us for relationship advice. They had a story that was straight from Jeremy Kyle. It was crazy, but we really hope they found a solution.

What would you say are some of the most exciting tracks over the years you’ve stumbled across and that you would class as essential staples for your sets today?

Voiski - Happy Piece for Happy People piece. Voiski is one of our favorite producers. He hits the sweet spot of dancefloor bangers but also tracks that really inspire us in the studio.

You’ve managed to play a lot of amazing cities already! But if you could DJ anywhere in the world where would it be?

New York is really high on our list. Probably because we haven’t been there before. It looks like such a hectic city and we can’t wait to see the atmosphere over there. We probably have a romantic vision of it from films and documentaries, but were so excited to get over there later this year.

In your opinion, what’s the best thing to come out of Ireland besides Brame & Hamo?

The quality of music coming out of Ireland right now is ridiculous. We have so many talented producers. Mikron are two brothers from Cork who recently put out an album on Sheffield’s Central Processing unit called “Severence”. It’s an absolutely amazing album, one of the best we have heard in a long time. Also ELLLL is another producer who were really excited about. We first heard of her from her EP on First second label called Febreeze which is a bomb. On the other end of things our friends Kojaque and Kean Kavnagh are putting out some of the best Irish Hip Hop, Pop and R&B on their label soft boy records. It’s a huge moment for Ireland right now.

What's the best piece of Festival advice you can give to everyone coming to El Dorado this summer?

Pack sunscreen, look after your friends, be safe and check in with your parents to tell them you love them. Also come and have a great time hearing our new music.

Congratulations on your new EP (if the date is in for before end of this month?) Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind it?

The production process for this ep it was a little different than our previous stuff. The arrangement was all done in one take and each only took a few hours.  This was all off the cuff, and didn’t have any particular inspiration. We loved making these tracks as we were just having fun with the gear and really getting lost in tweaking the sounds.