Where is El Dorado?

It’s a question, centuries-old, that many have lost their minds trying to answer. They talk of a place of luscious jungle, glistening lakes and untold treasures. Where pleasure is found and never forgotten.
There are whispers - if you listen closely - that a small and secretive community has found it, and walk amongst us, speaking softly of its secrets. They describe a sight of Biblical beauty: a party-army covered head-to-toe in rich golds, silvers and coppers, in emeralds of greens, purples and blues, feathers, crowns, and ornaments adorning their bodies, descending a lush lime-green valley, sun-drenched and roaring with laughter.
They move deep into a natural arena, where bass thumps and rolls across a glistening lake and into the forest, and their eyes reflect the light of soaring flames, strobes, and the winking moon above. Stages bounce and heave from the vibrations caused by a mass of bodies jumping together in ecstasy. And the havoc of a million-and-one lightning conversations, strangers-to-friends in the blink of an eye.
Anyone and everyone was welcome. All who came, became one. ‘Back-home’ chatter was a sin - irrelevant, unrecognisable, useless - midweek a word that nobody understood, and status a currency nobody dealt in. Where the mundane was illegal, and there was harmony in carnage. All who went committed allegiance to the Kingdom. It was extra, it was loud, and there was no escaping.
But the kingdom, true to its name, eluded all this year, and memory of this land has become hazy. Hurried whispers are everywhere.
Did such a place exist? Was it all a dream, were we just feverish explorers drunk on our pursuit of Heaven, hallucinating on our deep desire for beauty?
No; the Gods test us, that is all. Because nothing worth having comes without a fight. In these testing times we have turned to the occult, to the wisdom of the dark arts. Tarot mystics, gathering their instruments of prophecy, have summoned the Gods of El Dorado for an answer. And between the cheerless bleak clouds of 2021 above them, they see gaps appear, cracks open. And what they have found and relay to us is spellbinding.
They foresee a land of unbound intimacy, where clasped hands run back into the heat of that night, and stretch high into the sky once again. A land where the words lockdown, furlough and social-distancing are met with confused faces by all in the Kingdom. They tell us: El Dorado was no dream; and it will happen again.
The cards have been turned, and in our sights is freedom. When it feels like everything is falling apart, we are here to unite you all again. The un-normal is coming back - on 30th June, 2022, El Dorado number Six will triumphantly return. Get ready for your next expedition.
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