El Paradisco


“Whatever genre or music style I select there’s always soul that people can connect to. But you know, it all depends on my mood too.” – CARISTA

More than just a DJ. Curator, Carista looks set to produce more exciting moments for those lucky enough to witness the Utrecht native. Showcasing her unique take on Soul, Electronic, House, Garage or whatever the vibes call for through monthly slots on NTS and Red Light radio, are foundations for her having an incredible last 12 months.

Her music label and platform United Identities has been key in her moving forward and expressing the untapped energy she brings to her sets. Music lovers and tastemakers saw what Carista brought to the table in full effect with a collaboration with Boiler Room in February 2019 which definitely left us with a demand for more to come. Smiles and shaking a leg go hand in hand when she plays. All from the chemistry and reaction the crowd's response welcomes her with. This infectious style has seen the charismatic Carista pass her trade around the world, with her fanbase continually growing we see her demand skyrocketing. Who knows what the rest of 2019 and beyond holds for the United Identities head honcho.


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