DJ Marky

Headliner / Mount Boom

With over two decades of track record, DJ Marky shows that when it comes to turntables, his career could not be better. One of the most famous DJs in the world when it comes to drum and bass and fine music curators, Marky released the second part of the album trilogy “Influences” in 2017, but the news does not stop there. During the year, Marky is touring Europe and Asia, including festivals such as Outlook, Southwest Four, Star Festival and gigs in countries such as Japan, China, Austria, London and Paris.

In São Paulo, has been the host to the Earthquake (Drum & Bass Show) for nine years on the radio Energy 97, reference when the subject is emusic in radios. He also hosts parties such as DJ Marky & Friends, which has brought musicians such as Spectra Soul and Culture Shock to the country, and is engaged in the city’s refreshing electronic scene.

DJ Marky has elevated the art of playing to another level. Now recognized worldwide, the Brazilian appeared on the radar in the mid 90’s, at the same time that the jungle grew as a significant movement in the underground scene. The mix of references like Hip Hop, Funk and Techno caught the ears of Marky in the proportion that gained space in the night of São Paulo.

It was not long before the energetic national festivities attracted the sights of a legend: British producer Bryan G. A track was everything Marky needed to open the doors to a successful career in the UK. “LK”, produced in partnership with XRS and vocalized by MC Stamina, reached position 15 in the UK Top 20, becoming an immediate hit. With samples of Carolina Carol Bela, by Jorge Ben and Toquinho, he arrived at the British program Top of the Pops, becoming one of the most important singles of the Brazilian music outside the country, surpassing national musicians of great international reach, like Tom Jobim and Sepultura.

Marky’s name gained even more force with the release of “The Brazilian Job” (2001), one of the most important compilations in the history of Drum & Bass. The album proved to be a perfect showcase for the DJ’s talents, combining tracks and scratchings blamelessly and showing how the dnb scene needed irreverence and creativity. Along with Patife and DJ Mau Mau, Marky did not miss the opportunity and helped pave the long road to electronic music in the country, with street parties for thousands of people in the center of the capital of São Paulo and fervent nights in the capital’s East Zone. For nine years, it was featured in the largest open air festival in Brazil, Skolbeats. And is one of the first Brazilian DJs to participate in a compilation at the London club Fabric, temple of electronic world music, with Fabric Live 55.

With the success of Influences party in São Paulo, which presents the main musical references of the artist, DJ Marky had and the idea of ​​launching a compilation of three albums. The first and second volume were released on CD, Vinyl and digital media in the last two years by the label BBE Music.

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