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Born in Thamesmead in South East London, specifically where the city borders Kent, Enny has spent much of the last two years developing, learning and mastering her art.

A gifted, soulful lyricist inspired by everyone from Lauryn Hill and Nas to more recently, J Cole — “he was the first rapper I really discovered for myself and I watched him go from mixtape artist to a global star”, she reflects — she has flourished under the creative mentorship of Hackney-based community studio, DIY collective and now record label, Root 73.

It’s here that she’s not only found a space to record but connect with a like-minded group of up-and-coming artists, building on the success of her first ever freestyle in 2018 and racking up a whole stack of new music due for release over the next few months.

“Everyone who hears her demos is immediately interested and everyone wants to hear more”, explains Asher Korner, the driving force behind Root 73. In fact, it was a chance appearance on Reprezent Radio in 2019 that first sparked Root’s interest and set things in motion.

“I’d recorded a freestyle to a beat I ripped off YouTube and it got a lot of good feedback”, recalls Enny, “so I decided to make it into a full track. A few weeks later, I was invited to join my friend (and fellow rapper) R.A.E as a guest on Reprezent Radio, so I went along and played a few tracks and it turns out, Pascal (Reprezent’s playlist manager and man behind -the-scenes at Root 73) heard them. He got in touch straight away, introduced me to Asher and it all went from there.”

It was around this time too that UK hip hop stalwart Ty also first heard Enny’s music by chance and was so taken aback that he asked her to perform with him at London’s Jazz Cafe last January, forming her first ever live performance— “Yeah that was pretty mad”, she laughs.

Already making lasting impressions without a debut release proper to her name, the next few months will see Enny release a slew of new music, tapping into a buzz that has continued to bubble under the surface since first emerging in 2018. As for her own ambitions? “I just love music”, she says warmly, “and if I could do it full time and provide for myself, that’d be the one thing that I know would make me happy.”


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