Eresid is a fierce and confident kitten having started her journey in 2021, she has already made a bold statement in the DnB scene. She brings through a cold combination of dark wompy tracks, funky bootlegs and refuses to play by the rules when comes to genres. From this, Eresid has created a unique and very interesting mixing style. The commitment and love to discover music based on sounds rather than genres has allowed her to create a new wave of blends. Eresid is known for pinning down the high energy tracks and creating a set that keeps the crowds wanting more. This truly makes way for her unexpected selections that are fascinating to listen to. Eresid has proudly played at nearly every single venue in Bristol that she grew up going to and is ecstatic to announce her first international booking in April 2022 with Dazed in Prague. The highlights of Eresid’s journey so far has been playing A Lakota and having the opportunity to impress crowds with her first 140 set off the Elektrical Sound system at Old crown courts on Halloween. This kitten has no limits when introduced to new opportunities, and in fact, it has allowed Eresid to ambitiously cover all subgenres of DnB, Jungle, 140, Grime, Dub, Tek and Donk.

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