Esme Banks

Esme Banks has grown up in the diverse, multicultural society of Bristol. Deep amongst the sound system culture, Esme took on a great deal of influence from Dancehall and Jungle music. Combining this with her bad girl vibe, she has established herself as a charismatic high energy DJ. Only two years into the game so far, this kitten has impressed many crowds by unforgettable performances across many venues such as Motion, Lakota and 02 academy in Bristol. This kitten means business in all aspects of DJing and has become an all rounder with genres including; DNB, dancehall, jungle, garage and TEK. She effortlessly conducts her sets with a carefree, energetic attitude that allows for great crowd interaction. This kitten isn’t afraid to cross any boundaries and this has made her presence very prominent across the dancefloor. Esme’s personal highlights include playing the first rave back after lockdown at Motion, London and Old crown courts on NYE as being her favorites so far, you can also expect to see this Kitten in Prague with Dazed for her first international booking.

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