In The Morning Lights

In The Morning Lights is a Leeds based band formed in 2018, consisting of Matilde Mirotti and Frankie Harper. The duo write and produce all of their own music.

In The Morning Lights could be defined as ‘Alternative Pop/RnB’ – influenced by electronic, ambient and alternative indie music, as well as Hip-Hop. Analogue synths and acoustic sounds meet heavily manipulated samples. Soulful and honest vocals meet intricate grooves and rhythmic ideas. These elements fuse together creating the soundscapes in which In The Morning Lights exist.

The band is named In The Morning Lights because the project is intended to represent everything a new morning does – that moment of calm, those volatile few seconds before the day plays out, however it is going to play out.

They are currently gigging around the North of England, playing various venues and festivals over summer.

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