inbuilt obsolescence

Owain Arthur is the man behind project inbuilt obsolescence, an experiment in fusing organic textures and digital processes lead through guitar-driven loops and improvisation. Performances involve heavy use of loop-machines, processing, and real-time editing to create a groovy, danceable sonic-canvass upon which instrumental and vocal textures can relax into a trance-like psychedelic day-dream.

Merging influences from wherever they can be found, and adopting a jazz sensibility into a punk mindset, it’s not rare to see Owain perform live on stage with multiple collaborators or as a solo artist.

Live performances for inbuilt obsolescence are an opportunity to organically re-interpret the recorded artefact in as many novel and thought-provoking ways as possible, allowing new guests to put their spin upon it as they see tasteful, giving room for each performance to be a unique and novel interpretation every time, and allowing versatility and sensitivity to be shown to every different audience.

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