MC Texas

Texas started his musical journey writing lyrics back in 2003. Inspired in no small part by the UK garage scene, it was because of artists elsewhere such as Warren G and Stevie Hyper D that Texas first developed the hunger for a microphone. Many a bedroom rinse-out later, Texas had secured his first residency, a weekly radio show called High Grade on alongside schoolboy friends DJ Reevzy and MC Akespeare. The exposure was only bound to lead to bigger and better things, and in the years that followed Texas proceeded to stake his claim as one of the brightest up and coming talents in his hometown of Bristol. The trail blazed in the early stages of his career culminated in 2006 and 2007, when Texas was selected to be Hospitality resident and the latest addition to Bristol’s Ambush Family drum & bass crew respectively. Bookings from all across the country soon rolled in, and by the time Loadstar emerged onto the scene with RAM records in 2010, they had an easy-decision in making Texas their personal mc and host of choice.

Texas comes equipped with the sort of stage presence, content, and delivery that stand out in small intimate clubs, venues such as Fabric, or large open-air festivals. These attributes have seen Texas work alongside the biggest names in the game, from Andy C to Eksman and everybody in between. He has the type of flows to sit comfortably anywhere on the drum & bass spectrum – whether hosting beat-laden tech sets, complimenting liquid rollers, or hyping up the energy levels for jump-up, it’s all in the repertoire. Such is his versatility, Texas can also boast to be a genuine performer on other tempos. Testament to this claim are the excellent vocals on tracks from Mediks and Zanetic (Au), slick compilation work from the garage/dubstep collective Sub-Universe, as well as fine grime contributions made to fellow Ambush Family team member Carasel MC’s much praised debut album Progression. It is precisely these accomplishments in other genres which make Texas much more than simply a top-level drum & bass MC.

A pleasure to be around both on- and off-stage, the future is indeed bright for this star of the UK music scene. Constantly writing lyrics, striving for improvement, and driven on by fellow Ambush Family members Carasel, Stanza, N3gus, Kaydan, Phantom, and Akespeare, expect Texas to have you ballin’ for the ‘ricochet-ricochet’ at a dance near you soon!

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