Rubik Collective

The Rubik Collective burst onto the music scene after their successful series of house parties around Leeds. These events would take place all over the city, from big 10 bed terrace houses to dark intimate basements and has become the core of their movement.

2018 saw the collective’s biggest year yet, making their festival debut at We Are Fstvl, El Dorado Festival and Inner City Electronic Festival. Alongside this, the collective made their way onto the Ibiza circuit, warming up the main room at the famous Eden as well as playing variousvenues and afterparties around the island.
They have played alongside Artists such as Ben Rau, James Dexter, Chris Stussy, Mr. G and as warming up for heavy hitter East End Dubs later in the year for the Wonky Sessions crew.

As they grow, The Rubik Collective have found their mark as producers, focusing on releasing a EP’s throughout 2019 that will definitely be music to look out for. Their sound has been precisely sculpted over the past years of blending music together, with each individual artist bringing their own elements together that creates the unique Rubik sound which they are well known for.

This collective knows exactly how to read the energy of the dance floor, their grooving percussion and tight skippy hats will keep their audience engaged from start to finish.

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