Addictive Behaviour co-founder Saunders has been curating music for the flourishing label for the past five years alongside partner Clayton Baker. In the short time since the label’s inception Addictive have played host to a number of solid releases from prominent artists across the drum & bass scene as well as playing a pivotal role in nurturing emerging talents into the limelight. Some of their most recent & forthcoming signings have been hotly tipped by the likes of UKF as ‘Ones to watch’.

 In addition to developing the record label Saunders has played an important role in Addictive Behaviour’s events arm, supporting parties with cutting edge sets and promoting their nights with regular shows across various radio stations. Being a self-proclaimed D&B addict since the late 90’s, Saunders draws on his early influences alongside the labels fresh output to bring a unique concoction of upfront future tech & rolling D&B beautifully blended with nostalgia evoking classics.

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