Mount Boom


Drum and bass is, and always has been a brimming and bubbling hotpot for raw talent with new producers and DJs making waves everywhere you turn but while SoundCloud and local club nights offer an army of exciting and adept MCs it’s an incredibly rare feat that one of these melodical masters of ceremonies cements themselves as one of the elite.

For over a decade the line up of lyricists at the biggest raves and well-revered label nights has stayed for the most part a carbon copy of the event before (and the one before that), however, crowd-pleaser Visionobi, honed his force and broke that glass ceiling and is now a go-to host for the scene’s biggest players Metalheadz, Shogun and Hospital to name a few.

In 2013 Visionobi, or as his mother would call him Richard Twaites, won the Drum and Bass Arena award for Best Newcomer MC, which at the time gained him a lot of ‘man of the moment’ type tags. This time barred momentary status has been proven wrong with his organic story of hard work and longevity.

Rich started MC’ing over 20 years ago and sharpened his skills as part of a Southampton based drum and bass family which included Gerra & Stone and Joe Raygun. With the help of other musical minds, the group created a thriving local scene curating now legendary night’s Wax, Raygun Youth and Release playing host to huge headliners. Visionobi now flexes his promotion skills by holding down his residency ‘Visionobi Presents’ in his hometown at London’s famous superclub Fabric as well as one-off bespoke shows.

Aside from establishing himself on the live circuit Visionobi also stacks up an impressive discography including releases on the mighty Metalheadz, Dispatch Recordings and Soul:vent and his Red Bull Music Swift 16 has racked up over 200,000 plays across social media and showcases his thought-provoking grasp of conscious lyrical content and his infectiously pulsating flow.

Man of many motivations Rich is known amongst industry peers as one of the scenes good guys, hardworking, friendly and well informed which has earned him the job as a radio show host on world-renowned Rinse FM.

At the start of a new decade, Visionobi is promising to bestow upon us a plethora of releases as well as bringing some light to D&B’s dark side having started a new collaborative project called “Rogue Jediii” with producer Taelimb and fellow MC Joe Raygun.


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