Born in Bristol in 1994, to a family of four children, Collins Nemi was
engrossed in a childhood devoted to music and football, and played up
to a national level. Remembering sitting in the car with his mother on
countless occasions, and listening to GWR (Bristol Radio), Nemi
enjoyed the subtleties of POP throughout the day, but secretly craved
the post-7pm Electronic music influx.

It was at the age of 15, and surrounded by his two cousins, that Nemi
began to make his own beats, picking up the keyboard and guitar, and
teaching himself the intricacies of production. Initially finding his musical
feet in Grime, Nemi explains: “Me and my cousins uploaded our first
track to BBC Bristol Introducing and it ended up being played by Mista
Jam on 1XTRA. That really gave me the bug.” From that point onwards
Nemi fixed his sites on a solo-career as Conducta. He continued to
thrive at school, and was an academic high achiever, securing himself a
place to study at SOAS. It was then, at 18 years of age, that he moved
from his home town of Bristol, and settled in West London, finishing his
time at University, and focusing purely on his new-found Garage sound.

Influenced by fellow Bristol producers including Joker, Gemmy, Mensah
and more, Nemi recalls being “really jealous” of his God Brother’s
1997/98 Sidewinder tape packs; filled with frustration that he wasn’t old
enough to attend the live shows at the time. Finding a passion in RnB
producers such as Jermaine Dupri and Teddy Riley, Conducta also
sought inspiration in Timberland, finding his sound morphing into
something more recognisable as the artist he is today; but also
schooling himself in music of the past. “I love moving back 20/30 years
to hear grooves, and then incorporating them into a modern sound. The
familiarity of old samples in a new tune is something i use alot.” An
expert at sampling, Conducta admits his love of a “reference point”;
hiding the influences of the past in his modern Garage productions, and
admitting that it sometimes takes him up to a year to “nail a sample’s

Conducta’s first release was in in 2012; a true dose of ear-pricking
Garage called “Change My World”. He began performing live regularly,
building himself a reputation as an expert mixer in both his hometown
and London, and sparking the attention of Garage legends including DJ
EZ, Tuff Jam, MJ Cole, Artful Dodger and more. Gaining the nod of
approval from genre heavyweights, and collaborating with his Garage
idols, Conducta confirmed his unique flare by combining his nostalgic sound with the new generation. Artists such as AJ Tracey, Elf Kid, Shift K3Y, The Manor and more, flocked to his studio, keen to collaborate with the The Guardian proclaimed ‘Prince of UKG.’

Conducta found himself as the go-to act for a Garage remix, working
with tracks from Shura, Jorja Smith, Cadenza, Ray BLK, OWSLA,
Wilkinson and more. With his work-rate at the forefront of the most hotly tipped producers in the UK, Conducta has placed himself at the fore-front of the new generation of Garage, and even landed himself a monthly show on the hottest youth station in London, Radar Radio.

Conducta went on to support OWSLA’s What So Not at XOYO, DJ’ing
for 3-hours straight, and bringing out a medley of special guests,
including AJ Tracey, Sweetie Irie, Coco, and more.