Seven albums, a career spanning over 20 years and yet Crazy P remain stronger
and more relevant than ever. Funny how the tides of time turn, and how the
sounds of a typically British type of house and disco are now more du jour then
ever before. Way before the rise in prominence of disco, house and soulful pop
Crazy P have spearheaded the revival (and perpetuation) of these sounds since

Their seventh album ‘Walk Dance Talk Sing’ was released in 2015, to great
acclaim, on their own imprint and in partnership with !K7. In the time since the
songwriting, production, and performing nucleus of Danielle Moore, Chris Todd,
and James Baron have been constantly touring with their DJ and Soundsystem
sets and live band shows. Regarded as one of dance music’s finest and
genuinely live, performers out there.

Crazy P have managed to both uphold the heritage of soul, musicianship and
songwriting that is an essential part of the fabric of house and disco. They stay
current, letting those fundamental elements of the sound inform and mark out
their take on the club floors and younger audiences that they consistently turn
inside out. Their never diminishing love of a dancefloor sits firmly alongside their
immaculate craft of writing and production. New audiences are, without exception,
blown away the first time they see a Crazy P live show.

2016’s touring schedule took the band around the world, culminating with a live
show in Bali, streamed on the prestigious Boiler Room. This year Crazy P proudly
released their ‘Truelight’ EP on the legendary Classic. This was followed by a
summer of festivals and an ambition realised when the band recently performed
live at Londons Roundhouse.

It is widely expected we will see new material emerge in 2018. The anticipation is
set and the bar is high…