There are few artists who can claim to have shot to Drum & Bass fame as quickly, or as succinctly as Birmingham based DJ Hazard. In just a few short years this incredibly talented producer has knocked out enough dancefloor bombs to be considered a serious sonic terrorist, adding to the noise pollution problems of neighbourhoods around the world with his uncompromisingly tight beats and earth-quaking basslines.

Originally noticed by D&B legend DJ Hype while producing a few tracks for DJ SS’ Formation Records, Hazard was soon snapped up by the Playaz boss once he realised the young Birmingham based talent wasn’t under contract. There began a partnership that has rocketed DJ Hazard to the very top of his game, both in terms of producing immense dancefloor destroying tracks that eager DJs clamour to get their hands on during promo stage, and his own career as a DJ which has seen him travel the globe, doling out masses of bass-fuelled pain to unsuspecting ravers worldwide.

From there on a string of releases made Hazard’s name one that even your average D&B fan’s mum could recognise. Tracks such as ‘Use Your Brain’ and ‘Get The Fuck Up’ cemented Hazard as a favourite in many aspiring DJs’ boxes, and almost overnight he became one of the most popular Jump Up producers in the game.

More recently his incredible anthems ‘Busted’, ’0121′ and ‘Mr Happy’ all topped the Drum & Bass charts, receiving support from just about everyone who’s anyone in the scene. The incredible power of Hazard’s production and the insane levels he’s prepared to take it to became even more clear as he dropped the awesome brutality of the ‘Machete Bass’ EP, a release that has secured his place in the top echelons of Drum & Bass producers, a place that will leave his mark on this music for many years to come.

Holy GoofWilkinson