Honey Dijon was born and raised in Chicago the home of house music, but has
been living in NYC for many years. Like many involved in the scene, her love
affair with music began upon hearing her parent’s soul and r&b records at home.

Soon she wanted to be the one dropping the needle on the record whenever they
held parties in the family basement and the lure of club life soon followed. Before
long she was obsessively collecting her own music from hallowed stores like
Imports Etc and Gramaphone in Chicago, all the while honing her own personal

It was while hanging out in these stores where Honey met and formed a long
lasting friendship with Derrick Carter, who became a mentor. It was he who
introduced her to the underground of Chicago where she was exposed to the
sounds of jacking house and Detroit techno. After relocating to New York City,
Honey also met another music giant Danny Tenaglia, whose legendary sets at
Twilo were also a major source of inspiration. “Danny heavily influenced my
sound as a DJ’, says Honey. “The drama of his delivery and risk taking always
informed me of how I wanted to present music. Of course, Derrick and Chicago
house were also very influential in my development as an artist, so it’s this
combination of Chicago and New York that has helped me develop my signature

Still preferring vinyl as a format, there is something hugely authentic about the
way Honey mixes, fusing the bump of Chicago with more classic New York
sounds and other European influences. Her sets are known for their strong
programming, passion and integrity. The art of the mix itself is also very
important to Honey as anyone who has witnessed her play can testify about her
deft mixing skills and the way she dexterously flows between house or techno
with a warm, hypnotic feel. She has played at many of the best venues around the
world including esteemed underground haunts like Panorama Bar/berlin, Sub
Club/glasgow, The Block/tel aviv, Output/nyc, Space/ibiza and of course Smart

In the studio, Honey brings her unique perspective and experience to her
productions as well. Of course heritage sounds are at the rock bed of what she
does, but far from churning out throwback sounds, she makes sure new ideas are
at the forefront. For evidence of this look no further than her releases and
remixes on Classic Records. In fact this cultural star recently mixed a
retrospective compilation for the legendary Classic Music label as well being
commissioned to create the soundtrack for a recent Louis Vuitton Menswear

With her charisma, style and broad understanding of electronic music and
upcoming gigs in Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Amsterdam, Germany, Spain,
and Paris to name a few there seems to be no stopping Miss Dijon.