We had a chat with the incredibly talented Joey Negro, ahead of his set on Mount Boom this weekend! Here's what we spoke about...

You're known as someone with an extensive record collection, what was the first record you ever bought?

The actual first record I bought was a record by 10cc called Rubber Bullets but I also bought this album of hits from Woolworths on the same day and it’s basically just a compilation of hits that's sung and performed by somebody else not the real artists. I don’t think they make them anymore, but as a small boy and with my mum who didn’t seem to know the difference we used to buy them quite a lot. I remember my parents buying one and it had completely the wrong music on it and it had Scottish Sea Shanties and we took it back and they gave us a new one and said we could pick a couple of singles for free - it was a really nice person working in Woolworths that day and that’s when I picked up my first singles.

You set up the dance music division of Rough Trade, which looking back on must be an incredible accomplishment of yours - can you tell us more about your experience doing this?

It was absolutely exhausting and it was at a time when I didn’t really know what I was doing. I wasn’t somebody who thought ‘oh i’ll set up this dance wing’ it just kind of happened. I was brought into Rough Trade because they had this label called Rhythm King who were part of a label called Mute who they distributed, and mute as a label were more of an artsy experimental indie label, they weren’t a dance label at all and they started up this dance label with these two guys, James and Martin who were signing loads of early hip-hop and early house and they wanted somebody at Rough Trade who could understand their music, so I was the person who got the job. My previous experience was working in a record shop, I didn’t really know anything about record distribution or selling records to shops, it was a steep learning curve.

You've played for our club night Cirque Du Soul before and always got the crowd going, do you remember the first club you ever went to? Who was playing?

The first proper club I went to was a place in Colchester which was more of a music type night called the Embassy Suite, it was one of the only places in the area which had more of a music crowd with people travelling from surrounding areas sort of 30/40 miles out to come to somewhere with a decent DJ and sound system. The two DJs there was a guy called John Douglass and Gary Soul. I also remember early on winning tickets to an all nighter at a club called The Tartan House on Dave Browns show.

Disco and house music has managed to stand the test of time with countless classics still being sampled and played today. Why do you think these genres have been so successful in remaining current almost 40 years later?

I wonder why myself, I think it’s very unpredictable the way music moves forward and what becomes dated and what stays relevant. I suppose because of the sampler, there’s been a lot of sampling of old records and without it music would have probably gone in a completely different direction, to a degree it’s what’s kept old music alive shining light back on the original songs. Overall it’s a few things not just one thing, but the music was also really good with a lot of stuff that’s still played as there’s nothing really that’s come since which has had the same level of accessibility that’s come since.

Festival season is fast approaching and we're extremely excited to have you play our new stage 'Mount Boom'. What can we expect from your set at the festival?

I suppose the same as any set i play, I try to update my sets as I don’t want people to hear me and then hear me again 6 months later and feel like they’ve heard the same thing. It’s a mixture of disco and house with songs people will know and some that’s a bit more off the radar. I’ve been working on some new mixes which i’ll be playing, as soon as I see the crowd i’ll feel their energy and try and make it not too predictable whilst also playing some of the tracks I'm known for. I don’t want to be someone who just turns up and plays loads of big hits as that’s the easy way out, I try to keep it interesting and play some stuff that’s more lowkey it helps to build a vibe.

You're known for remixing loads of classic songs and putting your own twist on them. Is there any song you've wanted to remix but haven't been able to?

Absolutely loads! When I speak to the major labels to get into their tape archive where the keep all the parts for the songs, they don’t have the parts for 60% of the music. If I send a list of 40/50 songs there’s usually 15 of them where they have the actual 24 track tape meaning I can remix it from that. Sometimes the artist has the tape or it got left in a studio or the tapes don’t exist. There’s also lots of songs you can’t remix, like Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson legally as they’ll never approve it and it can’t go past putting it on bandcamp or soundcloud. Do I Do Stevie wonder i’d love to do amongst many others but to do them properly you need to get the multitrack which is really bloody difficult.

You've played loads of incredible places so far, is there a particular place or set that you'd class as the favourite of your career so far?

For me my favourite place to play is London and festivals in the UK. On your home turf you know what the crowd know and you’ve got a bit more confidence when you’re djing. I remember once playing in Las Vegas and I played Voodoo Ray and it didn’t work at all because it wasn’t a hit there as much as it was a massive record in Europe. In the UK you’ve got crowd knowledge and what songs are big hits. The venues and the fact that London is a hub of people from all over the world makes it special.

What's the best bit of advice you can give to a first time festival goer?

It depends on the weather really but i’d say make sure you take wellies and some wet wipes with you and don’t dress up too much, let your hair down and don’t worry about looking a bit of a mess.


The long awaited set times are finally here!

Work out your weekend schedule to make sure you pack as much in as possible and don't miss a beat! Remember to check out our brand new stages El Paradisco, Sassçienda and Mount Boom as well as our returning favourites Cirque du Soul, The Nest and Treasure Island.

The Taste Cadets are three guys on a mission to try find the best food spots across the globe. Made up of three best friends Seapa, Markus and Kieran their food reviews are both informative and hilarious all at the same time.

They will be heading to El Dorado this summer to try out all of our amazing food stalls and give us some reviews on their favourite spots, make sure you follow our instagram to be kept up to date with all their delicious finds.

We invited the three amigos down to Brother Marcus to be the first people to try out our brand new restaurant menu and give us a truthful review of the food. They tried the entire menu and most definitely had us laughing... here's how it went down...

The Taste Cadets at El Dorado Festival

We've teamed up with The Taste Cadets who came down and sampled our incredible Brother Marcus menu ahead of El Dorado. See how they got on below...Space is filling up so book your Brother Marcus table now to avoid disappointment: http://bit.ly/BMxEDF

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Space is filling up so please book your table now before it is too late!

With El Dorado just around the corner we have narrowed down a list of 10 things you should be checking out at this years festival! From DJs to bands, slip & slides to the circus schools, we can ensure there is something for everyone.

1. Kool & the Gang

Iconic, Acclaimed, Legendary, are all words that spring to mind when you think of Kool & the Gang. Originally formed as a jazz ensemble in the mid 60s, Kool & the Gang have become one of the most inspired and influential funk units of all time. Their jazz backgrounds and long friendship helped form a tightly knit group with the interplay and improvisation of a jazz outfit, plus the energy and spark of a band with equal ties to soul, R&B and funk. With the rise of disco they continued to dominate the charts with iconic hits such as "Celebrate", "Get down on it" and 'Ladies Night'.  This year they'll be closing the Garden Stage on Sunday evening and finishing your weekend with a BANG!

2. Brand New Stages

This year we introduce 3 new stages: El Paradisco, The Sassçienda & Mount Boom, each bringing their own energy and unique features...

Mount Boom is an open air arena which will play host to some of the biggest names on the line up across the weekend! Mount Boom will transform you back in time to the Mayan Mountains of Central America where you can hear everything from House & Disco to Hip-Hop & Drum & Bass as you dance the day away under the Aztec sun!

Combining the roots of disco with the technology of the future! A brand new stage for El Dorado 2019, bridging the gap between music and visuals. El Paradisco will feature LED Screens, Bespoke Visuals, Lasers, and Special Effects combined with some of the world’s leading musical stars & upcoming talent in House, Disco and Techno. Prepare for a sensory experience like no other!

The Sassçienda is an intimate and seductive affair, this is no place for the normal so be sure to leave your inhibitions at the door. Hosted by the Twisted Playden, the stage will come alive with Drag, freak shows, burlesque and DJs as the party continues into the early hours.

3. Brother Marcus

Situated in the heart of El Dorado, the Brother Marcus Restaurant will offer guests the chance to enjoy a private sit down meal with an incredible menu whipped up by one of London’s top restaurants. Famed for offering the holy trinity of great food, great coffee and great service, Brother Marcus has created a tantalising menu fit for El Dorado festival goers. For three days only, they will be hosting brunch and lunch on site at the festival, showcasing the very best of Brother Marcus. Over the last 3 years, Brother Marcus has gained recognition from some of London’s best-renowned food critics, with the likes of Time Out, Vogue and GQ all voting them as one of ‘London’s Best Breakfast Spots’. Well-known for whipping up brunch classics with a contemporary twist this is surely not one to miss at El Dorado.

4. The Club House

The Club House consists of a multi-purpose tented venue and large outdoor Playing Field. Both provide an imaginative environment where audiences can be entertained while participating in a plethora of sports and games.

Games include Sexy Flexi, Muggle Quidditch, Musical Benches, Synchronised Disco, Volleyball, Badminton, Swing Ball plus loads more!

5. Fancy Dress

Saturday's fancy dress this year will one again embrace our mythical roots, with the word El Dorado translating directly as ‘The Golden One’ in Spanish. We hope that the golden sparkle will encourage the sun to shine on the Eastnor Castle Deer Park.

This years brand new Sunday theme, brought to you by our headliners Kool & The Gang – ‘Jungle Boogie’. Taking inspiration from the 1973 smash hit and combining it with the mythical jungles of El Dorado. This theme encourages you to step back in time, find your inner jungle animal and join us for a wild Sunday in the Lost Kingdom…

6. Bingo Lingo

BINGO LINGO is the newest and most exciting breed of Bingo that’s sweeping across the UK. They’ve taken Bingo, shaken all the dust out and turned it into one exhilarating, party, raving, mad bingo night! Created and launched at warehouse venue DEPOT in CARDIFF, BINGO LINGO has quickly become a phenomenon, and we are now touring across UK venues. Prepare yourself for an unrivaled experience of dance-offs, twerking, joke prizes and on stage mischief. Look out for Bingo Lingo in the the Cirque Du Soul big top tent on Saturday and Sunday!

7. Reggae Yoga

After a long day of partying, kick off your mornings the right way with the perfect pairing of Reggae and Yoga.

Taught by festival favourite Elena, she will be sharing her love of yogic community and experience in the creative body on site for everyone to enjoy!

8. The Fantasy Tribe

Once upon a time, somewhere on top of the rainbow was a magical unicorn. She was wild and free and had the sharpest horn a corn could ask for, but the one thing she missed was company, she became so lonely that the glitter she once sneezed turned to sand. One day, the unicorn peeked through the clouds and caught sight of a gathering taking place on the land below, puffs of glitter floated through the air and the whole party radiated sparkle like she once did. The jaded unicorn decided enough was enough, she hopped up from her cloud, straddled the rainbow and slid down to land to begin her expedition of visiting these colourful clusters and gathering a group of likeminded mythical’s such as herself. The unicorn travelled far and wide, sneezing her glitter once more on the mermaids, fellow unicorns, phoenixes, princesses and aliens she met along the way, but the group were still missing one thing; a uniform.. Hence the fantasy tribe was born.

9. Ale Dorado

Kick back and enjoy the sunshine with a pint of our very own Ale Dorado. Once again we’ve teamed up with Wye Valley Brewery to create our very brew!

Ale Dorado 2019 will be 3.9% ABV with Mosaic, Summit, Cascade, Pilot and Azacca hops joining forces to provide some seriously hoppy clout. This session IPA, with its moreish malt undertones, zesty fruit flavours and a refreshingly crisp finish, is perfect for festival season! It will be available on tap for you at El Dorado Festival this summer alongside a range of other draught Lagers and Ciders for the very first time.

10. The Grande Finale

Make your way to The Garden Stage for Kool & The Gang’s headline performance on Sunday night then witness the Grand Finale unfold in true El Dorado tradition…

We caught up with the Sligo Duo to talk about all things from how they met to their new EP. Brame & Hamo will be gracing the Nest Stage on Saturday of this years El Dorado and they're bringing with them the bangers!

Here's what they had to say...

Aside from both growing up in county Sligo, how did you first meet?

We first met through a music group on facebook. It was a private group where we shared tunes amongst a few of us. Tiarnan was selling CDJs, and we started talking about that, and then started going to gigs together.

Sligo hasn't always been a city known for its nightlife, yet you both clearly have an extensive knowledge of dance music. How did you find growing up there shaped your music taste?

At the time the best gigs were in the capital so we had to do a few hours travel to Dublin. It was a long journey so we would go maybe once a month. Sligo is known for its events now and in the past, but there were a few years where it fizzled out. With the access to cheap broadband it changed everything. You weren't required to just go to parties or recommendations in the record store to get your inspirations. Your search could go way more in depth without any limitations.

You're both incredibly talented producers! When producing do you draw influences from places outside of the music scene?

Thanks so much. It's hard to say, a lot of it is in the moment and what we feel sounds good. There are probably many subconscious influences we take from the world but when it comes to it we just go with the flow and put whatever down. The best stuff usually comes with little effort and is done in a few hours.

Speaking of, was Roy Keane an influence for you or just a legend to name a song after?

It was more a reference to the man himself. Most people know how he was on and off the pitch, so we thought it would be funny to name a disco club track after him, a wee bit of a juxtaposition. We thought it worked well. hah

You’re recently back from a tour in Australia, we want to know what’s the funniest experience you’ve ever had on tour?

They are probably from that Australia tour! Running away from the massive spiders in Perth’s botanical gardens. Having a laugh with our mate in Melbourne and watching a street busker play what he claims to be the first electric bottle midi controller. And a really bizarre situation in Sydney where us and the promoters met a couple in the street who asked us for relationship advice. They had a story that was straight from Jeremy Kyle. It was crazy, but we really hope they found a solution.

What would you say are some of the most exciting tracks over the years you’ve stumbled across and that you would class as essential staples for your sets today?

Voiski - Happy Piece for Happy People piece. Voiski is one of our favorite producers. He hits the sweet spot of dancefloor bangers but also tracks that really inspire us in the studio.

You’ve managed to play a lot of amazing cities already! But if you could DJ anywhere in the world where would it be?

New York is really high on our list. Probably because we haven’t been there before. It looks like such a hectic city and we can’t wait to see the atmosphere over there. We probably have a romantic vision of it from films and documentaries, but were so excited to get over there later this year.

In your opinion, what’s the best thing to come out of Ireland besides Brame & Hamo?

The quality of music coming out of Ireland right now is ridiculous. We have so many talented producers. Mikron are two brothers from Cork who recently put out an album on Sheffield’s Central Processing unit called “Severence”. It’s an absolutely amazing album, one of the best we have heard in a long time. Also ELLLL is another producer who were really excited about. We first heard of her from her EP on First second label called Febreeze which is a bomb. On the other end of things our friends Kojaque and Kean Kavnagh are putting out some of the best Irish Hip Hop, Pop and R&B on their label soft boy records. It’s a huge moment for Ireland right now.

What's the best piece of Festival advice you can give to everyone coming to El Dorado this summer?

Pack sunscreen, look after your friends, be safe and check in with your parents to tell them you love them. Also come and have a great time hearing our new music.

Congratulations on your new EP (if the date is in for before end of this month?) Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind it?

The production process for this ep it was a little different than our previous stuff. The arrangement was all done in one take and each only took a few hours.  This was all off the cuff, and didn’t have any particular inspiration. We loved making these tracks as we were just having fun with the gear and really getting lost in tweaking the sounds.


Versatile, delicious, universally loved. Pizza is arguably one of the more treasured dishes in the world.

To celebrate the Italian delicacy, we teamed up with the amazing Made of Dough, who will be selling their famous pizzas at El Dorado, to find out which artists on our line up could make the ultimate pizza.

We invited self confessed food lovers Mella Dee and Redlight to take on the challenge at the Made Of Dough HQ in London. Both were tasked with creating their ideal pizza as we put them head to head in a pizza making contest. The winner will have their pizza named after them and sold at the festival!

The Mella Dee:

Ricotta, Mozzarella, Brie, Parmesan, Breadcrumbs, Garlic Oil

The Redlight:

Zucchini, Tomato, Mozzarella, Courgettes, Salted Ricotta, Wild Rocket, Truffle Oil

Watch the video bellow to find out who went home champion and which pizza will be on sale at El Dorado!

El Dorado - Pizza Challenge

? EL DORADO PIZZA CHALLENGE! ?Watch Mella Dee and Redlight compete to have their very own pizza served by Made of Dough at El Dorado this summer! Judging courtesy of the Weaver Bros. 😉 Find out more: http://bit.ly/EDFxPizzaChallenge

Posted by El Dorado Festival on Thursday, 13 June 2019


International DJ, producer and remixer Tino Piontek aka Purple Disco Machine has been on a whirlwind of a musical journey since the 2009 conception of his highly successful disco house music project. He most definitely knows how to get the party started and has done so across countless iconic venues across the world.

We were lucky enough to get the inside scoop from the man himself, here's what he had to say....

You’ve played with some extremely talented DJs over the years, we’re interested in finding out if you could go b2b with any DJ dead or alive who would it be?

LARRY LEVAN. He played a lot of 80’s disco, boogie and electro funk, rather than just the classic 70’s disco sound . That’s more my tastes too

You’ve already got an impressive list of clubs you’ve played under your belt - but what has been your favourite venue to perform at and why?

Probably Space Ibiza for Glitterbox. So iconic. But Hi Ibiza is definitely a worthy successor. Pacha Ibiza is really great too

You’re about to drop a ‘Discotheque’ compilation you’ve recently curated, how did you pick the songs for this? 

I wanted to mix up some old classics, rare gems and some new tracks across soul, funk, disco and house music styles. CD1 reflects what I would play at a day or sunset or pool party event. CD2 reflects a club set.

What song can you not stop listening to at the moment?

Mighty Mouse remix of Qwestlife on the club side. Lizzo’s album for home listening.

You’ve performed in numerous cities across the globe, but what is the weirdest thing you’ve ever experienced at a gig?

A plastic giraffe took a picture of me.

We’ve been lucky enough to have you at a couple of our Cirque Du Soul shows this year which has been amazing! What can we expect from your set at El Dorado? Do you approach your festival sets differently?

You can definitely expect quite a lot of my own records and remixes ! I guess I might play less loopy disco and more big bangers at festivals but my sets don’t really vary so much. I think the audience always expect me to play my big records and I never let them down ……;-)

You’ve sampled some amazing tracks! Who’s the one person you wish you’d been able to see in concert? 


Legends Kool & the Gang are headlining the festival this year - have you ever sampled one of their songs?

Not yet ! But there’s always time ……..;-)  They are also funk legends. Before they went disco they were responsible for some of the heaviest funk records ever. I really hope they dip into that era of their catalogue too!


Gentleman’s Dub Club is a nine-piece band that formed in Leeds in early 2006. With a style based in dub, ska and roots reggae, GDC have burst onto the UK circuit, rocking gigs and festivals up and down the country with their super high energy show. Combining tight grooves and a heavyweight sound, Gentleman’s Dub Club bring the party to crowds of all ages hungry for a dance floor workout, with their gigs often ending in a frenzied mosh pit reminiscent of a mid 80’s ska night. Live effects and mixing make for a crystal clear sound, and the band’s larger than life stage presence makes for a mesmerising experience.

We were lucky enough to sit down with the lead singer of Gentleman's Dub Club ahead of their set at the Garden Stage this summer, here's what he had to say...

This will be your third time gracing the Garden Stage at El Dorado, you're obviously a crowd favourite! We find you guys always manage to get the audience to go crazy during your sets...what’s your secret?

Firstly, thank you very much, It's a pleasure to be back! I have very fond memories of playing on that stage. The key to getting a crowd going hasn’t changed since we started (...which is now about 800 gigs ago), we’ve just shared our music to an audience, it’s not really a we’re-going-to-perform-to-you kind of set up that we’ve got. We know that it’s enjoyable because we’re enjoying it, and the audience are enjoying it, which is an intrinsic part of this process. It’s all about enjoyment really, but we’re fortunate that there are eight of us on stage making a lot of noise. So there’s no one thing- but ultimately I think it’s just being fortunate enough to play the music we do and being placed in the right environment where people are up for it.

You started your musical journey in Leeds, notably home to Iritation Steppas and of course Sub Dub which has become a pillar of the UK dub community over the past 20 years. Was living in Leeds around this scene your main influence that led to starting the band or was it something you’d always wanted to do?

You’re pretty spot on about the Leeds scene! I never really decided to start a band, I’ve personally always been a singer and I've always enjoyed using my voice in different ways with music. When I first went to Leeds I was actually MCing over Drum & Bass and then when we were all up there together Sub Dub was an inspiration to me. There were a couple of guys I knew already going up to Leeds, who I'd go to Sub Dub with and yeah we just got really stoned in a basement for a few months and tried to explore these different sounds. We actually had a copy of Reason on a computer [which is like a music making programme] and we had the delay unit and a reverb unit, one microphone, one speaker and a black light and that was it… so we just rolled with that for a couple of months and made music. Leeds was an amazing place for music at that time, you always see things in a different way retrospectively to when you’re there. At the time I remember seeing Rusko playing at a house party, Submotion Orchestra were also there, we were there - Hessle Audio was set up at the same time with Ramadanman - Pearson Sound, Ben UFO,  all these people were together playing at Sub Dub, so there was definitely something about the energy of the city at the time.

Was there a tune that first put you onto dub music? Do you remember where you got it and as this was pre spotify and apple music time, where was your go to place to crate dig?

The first CD I bought was from Tribe Records and it was a Tappa Zukie CD. I’d been to Sub Dub a couple of times and I went down to Tribe and met Si Scott for the first time which is quite an amusing thing to look back on now that I know him well. Iritation was in there at the time, I went down into the basement and I was like “I'd love to get a CD” and they gave me this Tappa Zukie CD which was wicked and really kind of like spaced out but heavy dub music, that was a really big influence on me personally. Outside of that we were listening to people who were coming up to Sub Dub, people like Vibronics, obviously Iration Steppas, Tubbys and then Twinkle Brothers came over which was a massive moment for us. Other artists were on that dub, ska, reggae band vibe but no one else was really making that four to the floor Steppas style so we just snuck in there.

Congratulations on the new album, we're all huge fans in the office! What inspired you to explore a more psychedelic space sound?

It felt quite natural actually, we went from 44 Headingley lane in Leeds which was the name of the first album 44, we moved down to London and the next one was called ‘The Big Smoke’ and after that it was Dubtopia which was a floating island above London and so the natural step then was space. We decided we were going to do a name about space, GDC in space or something like that and then a story came off the back of it, which I wrote and developed with Luke the keyboard player and then everything just kind of fell into place. It was one of those times when someone comes up with an idea and everyone buys it straight away! There was no questioning it!

If you could collaborate with any dub, reggae or ska artist dead or alive who would it be and why?

I’d love to do a tune with Culture because he’s one of my favourite singers of all time, he’s just got such a groove and soul in the sound he’s creating and the songs he’s writing with the way he puts his vocals across. For me the big artists growing up were Culture, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer. I suppose that’s just in reggae and i’m only speaking for myself across the band our music tastes are spread across lovers of reggae, dance music, grime, jazz most of them were jazz musicians when they started. Or classical. Or heavy metal.

Gentleman's Dub Club are now an impressive 4 Albums and 3 EPs deep, thats a lot of touring! What's the most outrageous tour story you can share with us?

Matt our trumpet player, he’s pretty outrageous, well he was definitely more outrageous before than he is now. I remember we were once on the way back from a festival and we bet him £20 to go into the petrol station and pay for the petrol in a fluorescent yellow and pink thong and be dead serious about the whole thing. When he walked in there was a stag do at the same time who were all pissed and they basically had an absolute field day. By the time he got to the till he had been so hazed that he forgot the pin and ended up having to come back out ask for it and go back in and do it all again.

If one thing’s clear in your band, it’s your unity and friendship on and off stage. At a time where band breaks ups are not uncommon, what would you say your secret is and how have you managed to stay together for so long?

I think it’s really important to have good leadership and management because naturally as there’s so many people, there’s a lot of individual trauma and problems and issues and stuff that arises all the time. If that can be managed in the right way then it’s generally cool and we’ve been really lucky with that. It’s interesting because where the bands so big you kind of flow between people, you might be in a 2 or a 3 one weekend and swap next weekend to be with different people and you share different hotel rooms so it’s nice to mix it up a lot. If there’s just three of you in a band I imagine the other two could do your nut in and then you have nowhere to go which would be a nightmare.

Finally some quick fire questions

  • What’s your music guilty pleasure

Probably Boys II Men

  • London or Leeds?


  • Augustus Pablo or King Tubby

They’re not fair to compare the two, I love them both for different reasons

  • Who’s the funniest band member

Probably Kieran the saxophone player, he’s really very funny although everyones got their moments.


This year we'll be christening our brand new stage 'The Sassçienda' by hosting our first instalment of 'Femme Friday'. A takeover dedicated to celebrating some of the best female DJ talent on this years line up!

Over the years we've been lucky enough to showcase the likes of Joy Crookes, Loop and Ray BLK who went on to be the first ever unsigned artist to win the BBC Sound award.

The likes of Samantha Loveridge, The Collyer Twins, Mendhi-B, Pablo:Rita, Scarlett Lapidus, Hollie Profit, and many more will be bringing the noise to our brand new stage and Femme Friday. Make sure you join us for a day of fierce female talent from some of the UK's best up and coming artists!


This year's El Dorado is shaping up to be our biggest yet - with huge acts across the weekend!

On Friday we welcome the legendary Andy C to the Garden Stage, bringing some noise to start the weekend off with a bang! Also joining the Garden Stage is one of the biggest names in UK Hip Hop right now, Ocean Wisdom.

Meanwhile, Dutch duo Detroit Swindle and disco legend Joey Negro will be christening two of our brand new stages, El Paradisco and Mount Boom.

Cirque Du Soul will be bringing the entertainment back in their tent throughout the weekend, kicking things off with one of their favourite DJs - SHY FX, while Theo Kottis and Hammer will be laying down some tracks in the Nest.

Saturday sees groove providers Todd Terje and Romare taking centre stage at the Garden Stage alongside the Orchestral Rendition of Destiny's Child. Meanwhile Mall Grab brings the vibe to El Paradisco,  joined by Irish party starter Kettama - whilst the Irish duo Brame & Hamo take to the nest with Glaswegian party boy Jasper James.

For the main event on Sunday we welcome world class legends Kool & the Gang to the main stage to help us celebrate good times. Redlight will be back in the Cirque du Soul tent bringing the noise with the iconic DJ Zinc. Mount boom will play home to drum and bass legends Randall, DJ Marky and Hybrid Minds hosted by MC GQ and Visionobi.

The weekend doesn't stop here with Gentleman's Dub Club, Purple Disco Machine, DJ Seinfeld, CC: Disco and many many more acts across the weekend!

See you in July!



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