Is boutique camping available?

You can upgrade your camping experience via our partners at Hotel Bell Tent, who provide a wide selection of boutique tents and facilities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Check out the range of boutique accommodation options here.

How should I let you know about Accessibility requirements?

The following access facilities need to be pre-booked using the Access Requirement form, please email to receive this. This form and the required evidence must be sent to us once you have purchased a ticket.

  1. 2 for 1 Tickets for Personal Assistants
    • We provide a 2:1 ticket scheme for individuals who would be unable to attend our events without bringing a personal assistant. Once you have bought a full price ticket, please fill in the access requirement form and provide us with a form of evidence as listed on the form to receive your personal assistant ticket.
  2. Accessible Camping Wristband
    • On arrival, there will be an Access Information Point where customers can collect further information on access within the festival site. It is also here that additional pre-agreed wristbands can be collected.
    • The accessible campsite will be cordoned off from general camping. There will be a number of accessible toilets and showers. Please assist us with planning by letting us know if you intend to use this service when completing the Access Requirement Form.
    • Near to the Accessible Campsite, there are village services (bar, concessions, information point and welfare).
    • Facilities we provide in the accessibility campsite:
      • Standard showers and toilets
      • Fresh water points
      • Waste disposal point
      • Please note: This campsite is available to customers who are unable to camp in the standard campsites or who need access to specialist facilities we provide.
  3. Live-In Vehicles (Campervans, Caravans)
    • We have a limited number of accessible live-in vehicle pitches available on a first come first served basis. After you have submitted the accessibility application form (if approved) you will be sent a link to purchase one of these.
  4. Accessible Parking Pass
    • An Accessible Car Park is located within the Accessible Campsite perimeter. Customers are allowed to park their cars near to their tent in a designated car park, but not directly next to their tent.
Will there be vegetarian or vegan options available?

Yes. There will be a yummy selection of vegetarian and vegan options available on site, but if you have very particular food requirements we do recommend you come prepared.

Are there showers in the campsite?

Yes, there are hot showers and luxury toilets in the campsite available for festival goers to use across the weekend. Please bring your own towel, shampoo and shower gel. Weekend shower passes are available to purchase in advance here.

Shower Opening Times:
Friday 29th June – 12pm-11pm
Saturday 30th June – 7am-11pm
Sunday 1st July – 7am-11pm

Will there be accessible toilets?

There will be a number of accessible toilets located on the festival site within the campsite and Main Arena.

What time can I get breakfast in El Dorado?

Campsite food stalls will be open from 09:00AM, with stalls in the Main Arena opening for breakfast from 10:00AM on Saturday and Sunday. There will be a wide range of teas, coffees, smoothies and delicious food to start your day the right way in El Dorado!

Is there a campsite shop?

Yes, there will be a convenience store and a number of food traders in the campsite for all your camping needs.

Will there be strobe lighting?

There will be general warning signs around the Main Arena if strobe lighting will be used. Due to the nature of the artists it is likely that strobe lighting will be used throughout the performances. There will not be a warning immediately before a period of strobe lighting.

What am I not allowed to bring?

As below are the items not permitted in El Dorado:

    • Animals
    • Drones
    • Gazebos
    • Glass – absolutely no glass is allowed on site for safety reasons
    • Large stereo systems
    • Illegal substances
    • Legal highs
    • Portable laser equipment and pens
    • Unauthorised film or video equipment
    • Audio recorders
    • Air horns
    • Megaphones
    • Fireworks, flares and Chinese or sky lanterns
    • Any item which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon
    • Gas Canisters
  • Live in vehicles – propane or butane cylinders over 7kg. No more than 1 cylinder per vehicle
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Petrol Burners
  • Any form of aerosol over 250ml
  • Unauthorised items for trading, including any goods using unauthorised event logos
  • Excessive amounts of food, cigarettes and alcohol. The following is permitted to be consumed within the campsite:
    • EITHER 8 cans of beer or lager or cider OR 1 bottle of wine (decanted into a plastic bottle) per person. Strictly no spirits of hard liquor are allowed
    • Please note searches will be undertaken upon entry to ensure this is complied with
Can I light a campfire or barbecue?

For safety reasons, El Dorado does not permit campfires or barbecues in the campsites. There are lots of delicious food stalls on site to ensure you’re well fed across the weekend. Any festival goer found starting a fire will be asked to leave the festival immediately.

Where is First Aid?

There will be a First Aid tent located in the Main Arena that will be visible within the Main Arena. There will also be Medics and First Aiders on patrol around the event. You will be able to store medication with the medical team if refrigeration is needed. Please let us know in advance if you will be wishing to store medication. If you require more information, please get in touch at

How to I purchase food, drinks, clothes, glitter and other items in El Dorado?

In El Dorado all purchases are paid for using your contactless wristband which you will be supplied with when you enter the festival.

You simply buy a Food & Drink Voucher in advance from our website here, get it credited to your wristband when you arrive at the festival, then head to the bar and get the drinks in!

Pssst… if you purchase a Food & Drink Voucher worth £100 or more, you get a FREE drink on us!

Will there be somewhere to charge my phone?

Yes. Phone charging stations will be available in the campsite and Main Arena at El Dorado. More information coming soon.

What are the age restrictions?

El Dorado Festival is an 18+ event that operates a Challenge 25 policy. You will be asked to provide evidence of your age with valid photographic ID.

We accept:

  • A Passport (not photocopy)
  • A UK Driving License
  • A Proof of Age Card bearing a PASS hologram

There is strictly no entry to those under the age of 18, and the festival will not be able to offer refunds to those refused entry on the day.

When can I buy tickets?

Final Release weekend camping and day tickets are on sale now. Click here to buy now.


Can I bring my gazebo?

No. Gazebos are not permitted in El Dorado.

How do I get to El Dorado Festival?

El Dorado Festival takes place at Eastnor Deer Park in Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 1RN easily located by car, train or coach. Find out more here.

Who are the official Ticket Agents?

Official Ticket Agents

Our litter policy

Eastnor Castle Deer Park is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a Site of Special Scientific Interest that El Dorado would like to keep that way. We ask that all festival goers help us minimise waste and participate in our recycling initiatives across the weekend ensuring rubbish is disposed of in the ample bins provided and the land is looked after during your stay.

May I park at El Dorado Festival?

Yes, you can, of course, park your car at El Dorado. Advance Parking Passes are available here at the cost of £10 per vehicle. Purchases on the door will be more expensive.

I’m a local resident, how do I get tickets?
El Dorado Festival offers a limited allocation of discounted tickets with 20% off to local residents living within an 8 mile radius of the festival site. Please apply here.
How do I apply to be a trader?

2018 Food Trader and Non-Food Trader applications are now closed, please email to apply for 2019.

What time does the car park open?

The car park opens at 9:00AM on Friday 29th June.

What are the opening times?

Friday 29th June – Monday 2nd July 2018.

Friday 29th June 2018
Car Park Opens – 9:00AM
Campsite Opens – 10:00AM
Main Arena Opens – 4:00PM
Music Starts – 4:00PM
Music Ends – 4:00AM
Main Arena Closes – 4:00AM
Last Entry to Festival – Midnight

Saturday 30th June 2018
Car Park Opens – 9:00AM
Main Arena Opens – 10:00AM
Music Starts – 11:00AM
Music Ends – 4:00AM
Main Arena Closes – 4:00AM
Last Entry to Festival – 6:00PM

Sunday 1st July 2018
Car Park Opens – 9:00AM
Main Arena Opens – 10:00AM
Music Starts – 11:00AM
Music Ends – 3:00AM
Main Arena Closes – 3:00AM
Last Entry to Festival – 6:00PM

Monday 2nd July 2018
Campsite Closes – 12:00PM

Can I perform at El Dorado?

If you’re a performer, an artist, organise a creative workshop or a weird and wonderful activity we want to hear from you! Please email with all the details of your act to apply.

Can I leave and re-enter the El Dorado Festival car park?

Once parked, vehicles will not be allowed to leave the festival site and return without purchasing another parking pass.

Is El Dorado a camping festival?

Yes! Camping is a major part of the El Dorado experience and included within the ticket price for all weekend ticket holders.

As well as the usual amenities, the campsites have camping convenience stores, a selection of yummy breakfast traders and the option to purchase hot showers and luxury toilets, advance passes available here.

You can also upgrade your camping experience via our partners at Hotel Bell Tent, who provide a wide selection of boutique tents and facilities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Check out the range of boutique accommodation options here.

Are you recruiting bar staff & stewards?

Yes – if you’d like to work at El Dorado 2018, please email us at

May I bring my campervan?

Campervans and live in vehicles are welcome at El Dorado Festival. You will need to purchase a pass for your vehicle in advance here (max. 4 occupants). Each occupant in the car, including the driver must also have a weekend camping ticket in order to access the festival. 

What time does the campsite open and close?

The campsite opens at 10:00AM on Friday 29th June and closes at 12:00PM on Monday 2nd July

Can I sell tickets?

If you’d like to sell tickets to El Dorado Festival 2018 or become an official El Dorado Ambassador and earn your ticket to the festival for free by selling 6 to your friends, email For more information on what it means to become an Ambassador for El Dorado, click here.

May I go back to my car once I’m in the campsite?

El Dorado does not allow pass outs to the car park during the festival. Once you leave the festival site, you won’t be able to get back in.

Do I have to pay extra for camping?

No, camping is included within the price of the weekend ticket.

Can I volunteer?

There are a number of opportunities to volunteer at El Dorado festival this summer. To apply please email us your contact details at 

How far is it from the car park to the campsite?

The car park is a short walk to the campsite. Unfortunately, trolleys will not be available to hire.

If I have a day ticket can I camp?

Unfortunately, not. The campsites are only open to weekend ticket holders.

Who can I speak to about Brand Partnerships?

If you’d like to become a brand partner for El Dorado Festival, please contact

What food and drink facilities will be available?

As a small, independent festival El Dorado takes pride in the food and drink offerings available on site, providing some of the finest street food, bars and drink vendors to keep you well fed and looked after during your stay with us.

From craft beers and cocktails to ice cream and smoothies, there’s something for everyone at this summer’s event.

What size tent should I bring?

There is no restriction on tent size at El Dorado, bring something that’s big enough for your group, waterproof and comfortable. We do ask that you are considerate to other campers and don’t bring anything that’s excessively large!

Who can I speak to about press enquiries?

For all press enquiries and accreditation please contact

Where can I get drinking water?

There are several standpipes that contain free, clean drinking water in the campsites and main arena. Please bring a plastic container that you can refill during the weekend. Bottled water will also be available to purchase at the catering units and bars throughout the site. Please identify yourself with these points and ensure you stay hydrated across the weekend.

Can I bring a campervan?

Campervans and live in vehicles are welcome at El Dorado Festival. Festival-goers will need to purchase a pass for their vehicle in advance.

Can I work for El Dorado?

Yes we have plenty of bar work and other volunteer roles available at the 2018 festival, for more info please email

May I bring my own alcohol to El Dorado?

As El Dorado is a small, independent and production heavy event we need bar sales to keep the festival alive, thus we must stipulate a limit on alcohol brought into the campsites. We have a wide selection of beer, cider, wine and cocktails available across the main arena for you to enjoy during the weekend. Please see below on what you can and can’t bring and thank you for your understanding.

Per person, you can bring the following into the campsite:

  • EITHER 8 x cans of beer or lager or cider
  • OR 1 bottle of wine decanted into a plastic bottle

Please note:

  • Strictly no spirits or hard liquor are permitted
  • Searches will be undertaken upon entry to ensure this is complied with
  • Any alcohol above this allocation will be confiscated
  • This alcohol may only be consumed within the campsite
  • Sealed bottles of water and soft drinks are allowed, but will be checked on entry to the site. There will be no limit on soft drinks
  • No pass-outs or readmission will be permitted for the duration of the festival
  • A wide selection of beer, wine and cocktails will be available in the main arena across the weekend
Can I bring a generator?

For safety reasons, generators of any size are not permitted.

What is accessibility like at El Dorado?

El Dorado Festival is held at the Eastnor Castle Deer Park in Herefordshire. The land is woodland, farm land, lakes and has some uneven ground.

There is a tarmac road running up to the Main Arena. The Main Arena has a number of small hills inside its perimeter. There is a gravel road that runs around the edge of the Accessible Campsite.

The Accessible Car Park is located near the drop zone, Blue gate route. The ground leading from the accessible car park and campsite to the Main Arena entrance consists of gravel road and grass. The distance is approximately 400 metres. The Main Arena is 300 metres from the main gate to the furthest perimeter edge.

Please note: The weather conditions can dramatically affect the ground conditions, so wherever possible please try to consider what preparations you may need to make and equipment you may need to bring along.

May I bring my own alcohol and food into the main arena?

No. You are not allowed to bring your own alcohol or food into the Main Arena at the festival. Bins will be provided at the gates to dispose of any items before entering the Main Arena.

How do I top up my wristband in the first place?

Here comes the science bit – concentrate!

Step 1 – Buy a Food & Drink Voucher in advance from our website here (Spend £100 or more and get a FREE drink on us!).

Step 2 – Exchange your festival ticket for a wristband with your unique RFID chip when you arrive.

Step 3 – Get your Food & Drink Voucher credited to your wristband. You can do this at the entrance when you arrive or at any of our Top Up Booths at the festival. 

Step 4 (the best step) – You’re now topped up and ready to go, time to head to the bar, boutiques or food trucks and enjoy!

Step 5 – Make sure your wristband is topped up during the weekend by visiting one of the Top Up Booths located in Campsite and Main Arena (accepting cash, debit and credit card payments).

Step 6 – Keep hold of your wristband including the plastic RFID chip when you leave the festival so you can refund what you don’t spend via our website. Check back for more details on this after the festival for further instruction. Please remember you need the plastic RFID chip to process the refund.

What happens when I want to pay for something using my wristband?

It’s just like using a contactless debit or credit card. When you go to purchase something on site, like those fabulous gold leggings you’ve always wanted or a delicious cocktail before the evening festivities, follow the instructions from the vendor and simply tap the plastic RFID chip on your wristband against the scanner until you hear the beep which indicates payment has been made.

What about the credit left on my wristband after the festival, can I get that back?

If you have any credit left on your wristband you can request a refund from our website following the festival. Refunds will be available from midday on Tuesday 3rd July until 6pm on Tuesday 10th July.

How much should I top up on my wristband in advance?

We would recommend you top up as much as you think you’re going to need over the weekend or per day in advance to spend on street food, drinks, glitter and garms. Food and drink is priced competitively with a wide range on offer for you to enjoy.

Plus, if you Top Up £100 or over in advance, you get a free drink on us, a free festival programme featuring set times and entered into a competition to win the value of your wristband credit back (Competition Deadline midnight Sunday 24th June). Click here to buy now.

Can I top up my contactless wristband on site?

We advise topping up in advance. However, you can top up at the festival site using cash or card.