At El Dorado we pride ourselves on being able to offer festival goers a huge array of hand picked, delicious World Street Food with Vegan, Vegetarian, Fruitarian and Gluten Free options.


Patty&Bun have been treating Londoners for the past few years with their banging burgers from their shops around the city, and have since taken to the streets in their 1987 Grumman Olson Kurbmaster Food Truck called Shirley.

They pride themselves on quality British ingredients – The beef is free range 35 day aged Aberdeen Angus, the buns are baked bespoke and everything in between is lovingly made in their Hackney-based railway arch kitchen.

For the first time they’re bringing the party to El Dorado Festival!


Late 2014, we set out to make the best pizza and have a laugh. 3 years on, thousands of pizzas later, a lot of laughs (some tears), we’re getting the hang of it. It starts with the dough – we use a simple lean dough recipe with a 60 hour fermentation process. We top our dough with the best produce about – our mozzarella’s driven fresh from Campania twice a week, our chorizo comes from a small farm in Andalusia, our toms are grown on the foothills of Mt.Vesuvius, our parmesan’s aged for over 30 months…. . We then cook with real wood fire which gives us a lightly chewy, lightly charred pizza. Finally, we pair the pizza with good times – great music and a load of fun.


Manjula is back at El Dorado with our unique and exciting vegan delights. Last year El Dorado was one of our favourite festivals and we’re hoping to make it another sell out year so make sure you get your Kerala burger orders in early. See you in the sunshine!


Rainbo was born out of a pure and undying love for gyoza, good times and good food. Our mission is to spread the word… and the word is dumplings…!

At Rainbo we believe in the importance of food that is fresh, vibrant, delicious and good for you. All of our food is homemade and we specialise in gyoza dumplings, katsu dishes, Asian small plates and much more, all served from our iconic 194 Ford Pick Up Truck and our permanent site in the heart of the City.


Tea and Toast merrily keep the party, fed, safe and warm from their little yellow van day and night.


The Lambassadors specialise in Smoked British lamb. Our 11-hour smoked lamb shoulder comes glazed in a harissa and apricot sauce, with sumac slaw, homemade pickles and dill yogurt served on spiced rice pilaf or in a brioche bun. We source our meat from our family farm, or local to the event if further afield and aspire to be meat at its most responsible: offering vege options, promoting British lamb to reduce air-miles, using recycled materials such as our BBQ and stall, and using only compostable packaging.


Salad? Where you’re going you don’t need salad. If our calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 degrees celsius you’re going to be eating some serious Mac n Cheese. Our chefs have managed to harness the awesome power of 1.21 giga watts. 1.21 giga watts?! Great Scott!

Our mac n cheese is prepared fresh to order using the finest and freshest local ingredients. Fresh produce isn’t a fan of travelling, so everything we source for every pot we make, is made here in London. That way we are also supporting local businesses; because we’re nice like that. And as for the back to the future reference, well damn it that’s just good common sense. Cheese and hover-boards, match made in heaven we say. In all seriousness, we’re a bunch of pretty cool people who happen to think that what you put in your mouth is important…We’ll take care of the food part, you’re in charge of the rest.


Our mission is to make gorgeous, delicious and fresh food whilst raising awareness of ocean overfishing. We aim to provide affordable, healthy, vegan and gluten free meal options in areas where they are most needed!


Groovy Smoothies offers fabulously tasty fresh fruit smoothies, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, lassis made from creamy natural yogurt and fruit, and our meal-in-a-cup breakfast smoothies.

Everything is freshly chopped, squeezed, and blended before your very eyes for super-fresh, no-nonsense refreshment.


Little Espresso Company will be serving a range of fresh speciality coffee, loose leaf tea, chai and hot chocolates as well as award winning cakes and pastries from our awesome little yellow vintage caravan!


Bringing awesome brunch and an incredible start to your day. Little Green Trailer – Hangover-busting breakfast to fix weary festival goers after a night of excess. Woken up feeling rough in a damp tent, sleepy, hungry and hungover? We know how you feel and we’ve got your back. Struggle out of your sleeping bag, look for the neon ‘brunch’ sign and drool over our menu with your mates. Grab a coffee and wait for us to call your name (Starbucks copied us, before you ask!) then sit back and scoff the best breakfast burrito of your life, snuggled into a deckchair with the sounds of 90’s and 00’s nostalgia in your ears. Feeling better? Ready to start the day? You’re welcome…see you tomorrow.


Smoky Tentacles is a beautiful and unique chill-out lounge and café housed in a bespoke Moroccan marquee; the perfect place for the festival-goer to relax with friends until the small hours. Think comfy rugs, cushions and low slung tables, ambient lighting, oil projections, great tunes and vibes to create one of the most popular spaces on the festival scene.

This is the place to chill out onsite! Not only do they serve a staple of fifteen flavours of shisha in traditional hookah pipes, but they also serve amazing free range breakfast wraps and baps and the best falafel wraps in town!

Be sure to have a chill in the Smoky Tentacles, whether it be for a proper Direct Trade barista coffee as your first stop in the morning, or a warming fresh made chai to keep you going late at night. This place is always open!