We will plant 1 tree for every ticket Sold to El Dorado

Trees planted in 2021

1 ticket = 1 tree

El Dorado is a place that thrives on the beauty of nature. It’s time to do our part and protect it.
We’re planting Mangroves in Madagascar as they help reinstate soil stabilisation, improve the quality of the water, and provide a natural habitat for fish and other rare sea creatures. Mangroves are also fantastic carbon sinks and (pound for pound) remove four times more carbon than rainforests.


Yes, mangroves! These warrior trees store massive amounts of carbon - four times more than rainforests pound-for-pound - and are key weapons in the fight against climate change worldwide.

Mangroves also stabilise surrounding soil, improve water quality, provide natural habitats for greater biodiversity, and protect shoreline communities by acting as natural buffers against storm surges.

But this wonder tree is under grave threat - especially in Madagascar where they should be thriving.


The East African country has only 10% of its original forest left after slash-and-burn farming has converted it to rice fields, leaving the remaining earth to wash into the sea.

Madagascar is also home to more than 250,000 species of animals and plants, the majority of which don’t exist anywhere else in the world. And 90% of those species rely on the forest.

So, it is crucial that the mangroves return, to both capture carbon and protect the island's stunning diversity.

Our mangrove pledge

The government of Madagascar has introduced an action plan to fight against further environmental destruction, and we thought we should help, from one magical kingdom to another!

We have teamed up with C Free, an exciting social enterprise which supports carbon-reducing projects around the world. Its trusted partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, has been planting trees in Madagascar since 2007.

Eden also ensures a decent income for the local villagers who will plant the trees, including guaranteed wages on days where they cannot work due to extreme weather.

Antsanitia Mangrove Site


“We are at a unique stage in our history. Never before have we had such an awareness of what we are doing to the planet, and never before have we had the power to do something about that.”
Sir David Attenborough
Photo credit: Eden Reforestation Projects 

Why are we doing this?

If you have been to El Dorado, you will know that its beautiful surroundings are truly the foundation for the debauchery and transcendence that takes place inside. So it is only right that we honour this and encourage a festival culture that is in harmony with nature, rather than doing battle with it.

We work hard to uphold this promise at Eastnor Castle by banning single use plastic, recycling litter, and encouraging good no-trace campsite behaviour.

But we wanted to go further, by taking responsibility for our carbon footprint. By reforesting Madagascar’s mangroves, we will capture more of the greenhouse gases created in the UK and beyond. These gases are at the root of our current climate crisis, causing global warming, bad air quality and environmental destruction. 

With this scheme, we can ensure that the many wondrous El Dorados across our planet continue to thrive.


We are proud to kick off our green commitments with our Mangrove Pledge and will be keeping you all regularly updated with our own Tree Counter, as well as competitions and activities to encourage the planting of as many trees as possible.

However, we are well aware that growing trees is not enough to address the climate emergency we are facing today.

That’s why over the coming months we will be outlining further plans to address our carbon footprint as a festival, including the reduction of emissions where possible, and further offsetting of those that are unavoidable.

Follow our El Dorado Instagram to keep up to date, and standby for more information as it comes.

Magic must be looked after.

Here’s to a greener El Dorado than ever before!

Photo credit: Eden Reforestation Projects 
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