In El Dorado all purchases are paid for using your contactless festival wristband.



  1. Buy a Food & Drink Voucher in advance
  2. Arrive at the festival and get your wristband credited with your Voucher
  3. Head to the bar and get the drinks in!
  4. Keep your wristband including the chip to refund what you don’t spend



Top up £100 or more in advance and get…

  1. A FREE drink on us!
  2. A FREE set times booklet
  3. Entered into a competition to WIN the value of your Voucher back

We strongly advise topping up in advance. However, you can still top up at the festival using cash or card but expect to queue and you will not receive the advance top up offer.

Any credit you do not spend can be refunded via our website after the festival. There will be a £1 transaction fee in order to do this.


How to I purchase food, drinks, clothes, glitter and other items in El Dorado?

In El Dorado all purchases are paid for using your contactless wristband which you will be supplied with when you enter the festival.

You simply buy a Food & Drink Voucher in advance from our website here, get it credited to your wristband when you arrive at the festival, then head to the bar and get the drinks in!

Pssst… if you purchase a Food & Drink Voucher worth £100 or more, you get a FREE drink on us!

How do I top up my wristband in the first place?

Here comes the science bit – concentrate!

Step 1 – Buy a Food & Drink Voucher in advance from our website here (Spend £100 or more and get a FREE drink on us!).

Step 2 – Exchange your festival ticket for a wristband with your unique RFID chip when you arrive.

Step 3 – Get your Food & Drink Voucher credited to your wristband. You can do this at the entrance when you arrive or at any of our Top Up Booths at the festival. 

Step 4 (the best step) – You’re now topped up and ready to go, time to head to the bar, boutiques or food trucks and enjoy!

Step 5 – Make sure your wristband is topped up during the weekend by visiting one of the Top Up Booths located in Campsite and Main Arena (accepting cash, debit and credit card payments).

Step 6 – Keep hold of your wristband including the plastic RFID chip when you leave the festival so you can refund what you don’t spend via our website. Check back for more details on this after the festival for further instruction. Please remember you need the plastic RFID chip to process the refund.

What happens when I want to pay for something using my wristband?

It’s just like using a contactless debit or credit card. When you go to purchase something on site, like those fabulous gold leggings you’ve always wanted or a delicious cocktail before the evening festivities, follow the instructions from the vendor and simply tap the plastic RFID chip on your wristband against the scanner until you hear the beep which indicates payment has been made.

What about the credit left on my wristband after the festival, can I get that back?

For sure, if you have any credit left on your wristband you can request a refund from the website following the festival. Check back at after the festival for further instruction on how to do this.

How much should I top up on my wristband in advance?

We would recommend you top up as much as you think you’re going to need over the weekend or per day in advance to spend on street food, drinks, glitter and garms. Food and drink is priced competitively with a wide range on offer for you to enjoy.

Plus, if you Top Up £100 or over in advance, you get a free drink on us, a free festival programme featuring set times and entered into a competition to win the value of your wristband credit back. Click here to buy now.

Can I top up my contactless wristband on site?

We advise topping up in advance. However, you can top up at the festival site using cash or card.