Club Rouge Cabaret

"As the sun dips below the horizon, the night creatures start to stir. There's a whisper on the hills of a late night spot, where dazzling delights tickle your senses, and you are taken on a journey of drama and desire...

Club Rouge is El Dorado's newest venture, a volcanic vaudeville that opens late into the night. Step through the drapes and into our cabaret kingdom - with shows every hour from 10pm til 1am. Ease your way into the night with Club Rouge Cabaret, or head to our late show Kabarett Erotik for a taste of something a little more naughty"


Wolfgang Hemingway

Devlish dilettante and caustic compere, your host is here to make you feel right at home - if home was a smokey seductive house of sin... 

Strap in, schätzchen. You're in for a wild ride through the vaudevilliverse, where there is no time or space - only cabaret!

Josie Jones

Your headliner for Club Rouge is none other than global circus starlette, Josie Jones!

An internationally acclaimed aerialist, and hair suspension artist, she has performed her mind-blowing shows across the world, and is bringing 2 very special finale acts to El Dorado's cabaret tent. 

Prepare to pick your jaw off the floor, and if you're heading to the late shows, she may just turn up the heat...

Charlie Partridge

Klauss is a sonic clown, combining stand-up, vocal looping, beatboxing and some glorious smut, all the way from Stuttgart. 

“Packed with laughs”
Fringe Guru ★★★★


“A force of nature”
Broadway Baby★★★★


This versatile vixen is one bad-ass babe with an artillery of acts to keep you on your toes. Catch her unique take on balloon-pop burlesque in the early shows, or swing by later for a taste of kink and eroticism...

Claire de Lunacy

Don't be fooled by the petite frame of Claire de Lunacy: this tiny temptress is one fierce performer who's colourful acts are dripping in drama. They say good things come in small packages - would you like to find out...?

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