Animal Attraction

We all know that electric feeling that pulses through our veins and gets us excited about another wonderful human… Chemistry. It’s instinctive! And whether it’s platonic, romantic, lustful or otherwise, it’s a raw animal drive that gets us all warm and fuzzy…

You Topia Productions invite you to leave your inhibitions at the door and take a walk on the wild side for an hour of raucous, unbridled fun, like nothing you’ve ever seen before! They’ll have you channelling your inner animal as you boogie on down with the coolest cats in the El Dorado hills…

With lewd jokes, lycra, lunging, and loads of surprises, all hashed out to the best bangers from the 70s to the present day, it all culminates in a hilarious surprise ceremony to celebrate the magic that has been created and the connections forged…”




Ale Dorado

Sunday Fancy Dress Theme

Saturday Fancy Dress Theme

Provibers Prance & Stance

Kruftz-style Obstacle Course

Vibe Roulette

The Kraken Rum Freaky Tiki Bar

Bingo Lingo

The Gypsy Shrine

Rub a Dub Dub

The Fantasy Tribe

Lycra 80s Party presents: Live Aerobics Dance Show!


The Club House

Twerk Shop

Bizarre Bazaar

Circus Skills Workshop

Cirque Du Soul

Love Ceremony

RU Slack

Animal Attraction

The Grand Finale

Smokey Tentacles

Rocket Yoga

Disco Dancing Class

Twisted Play Den

The Provibers

The Baller’s Pit

Hammock Heaven

Disney Karaoke

Slip & Vibe Slide

The Circus

Reggae Yoga

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